27 February 2010

Celebrating with Snowmen

The last post was #100 on this blog! Yay! Go me! To celebrate, I will post pictures of the snowman my dad and I just built outside in our backyard. I don't like the cold or the snow, really, but I do like building snowmen. It was a good way to kick off my birthday weekend! Check it out:


Melvino!! said...

holy crap!!!!!
its HUGE =D
early happy birthdayy!! ^__^
*huggz* hope you has a good day.

the walking man said...

Chris you could take that snow man and shake it apart over the entire Detroit area and it would just about equal the amount of snow we had this season...glad you enjoyed your dad time.

Happy birthday winter child.

Jon Parsons said...

now that is one cool snowman! I especially like the sandals... a perfect contradiction...

and kudos to you on your 100th post! well done...