30 March 2011

Root Chakra

Photo from Spiritual Healing Portal
The first chakra, also known as the "root" or "base" chakra because of its location at the base of the spinal cord, is called Muladhara in Sanskrit. With four petals on its lotus symbol, the root chakra governs the physical aspects of the body. It helps us to properly ground ourselves and it inspires practicality and a love of life. The root chakra is associated with the color red, a good thing to remember if you (like me) are into color therapy.

When the root chakra is balanced and open, we feel receptive to others and we take good care of our minds and bodies. When the root chakra doesn't receive enough energy or stimulation, we feel doubtful, listless, and unworthy of love. In a relationship, we are clingy and possessive. This chakra is linked to lower back pain, gynecological problems and a weakened immune system.

So how do we open, or balance, our root chakra? For aroma therapy relief, try burning sandalwood or patchouli candles. For color therapy, try to add a little bit of red to your outfit each day. For gem  and crystal healing, try carrying around a ruby, red jasper, or obsidian. The key is to focus on activities that help ground and center: cleaning, planning schedules, and gardening are some good examples. Walk barefoot to help bring yourself closer to the earth.

If that doesn't sound very fun, you can try mantra repetition. Maybe you won't believe in the mantra when you first start, and that's okay. As you speak aloud the mantra several times each day, try a little more to believe it with each repetition. Some key affirmations for the root chakra are:
  • "I am here." (Physically, mentally, emotionally, and in the sense that you want to be here)
  • "I love life." 
  • "I am open to the spirit of life."
  • "I am a part of the earth." 

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