21 March 2011

Website Review : Test

I've recently become aware of a website that gathers together links for different kinds of tests and information about them, ranging from the Myers Briggs personality test and computer firewall testing to questions about pregnancy tests and when one should take them. The idea of the website is a good one; a collection of test links is a good resource for any person to have, and especially for someone like me who is addicted to taking online quizzes (especially compatibility tests and the ones that are like which type of fairy would you be if you were living in a fantasy realm?). In execution, however, the site leaves much to be desired.

I like the simplicity of the site, beginning with it's title "Test" and the small side description stating "Test Information." At the outset, the viewer isn't overloaded with too much information and there isn't any self-promotion that's going into the website. To me, that's important. When a website focuses too much on self promotion and not enough on content, it's a definite turnoff. Although the graphic beneath the title - a man walking along an empty road - doesn't directly relate to testing, it works in this context because it creates a subtle statement of every person's individual search to answer questions about themselves and their lives, which is exactly what all of these tests supposedly help with.

After the graphic, though, the entire site loses the effectual and simple approach that drew me to it. All of the different types of tests are listed below in 25 rows, each containing roughly two to four different types of tests. Each type is a link, and when you click on it, you're taken to another list of links, these more specific for the type of test you've chosen. Although there's some semblance of categorization among them, it takes too much scrolling to find exactly what you're looking for and too much repetition among the entries. For example, the words "personality test" appear more than 5 times in different places. In my eyes, this takes away from the legitimacy that the site has thus far garnered. 

This resource, which could be incredibly useful, would greatly benefit from increased organization, perhaps forming concrete lists for each test. Under "Speed Tests," for example, the creators could list the different types of speed tests, such as internet connection speed or typing speed. Information about each kind of test would also be useful, in order to capture the interest of a casual browser who isn't looking for anything in particular, but only looking for a link that seems worth clicking. And with some modification, "Test" would definitely be a link worth clicking.

Link: http://testpi.com/

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