02 March 2011

Writing Woes

There are plus and minus sides to every story, I suppose. And life is just as much a story as any other. So here are my plus and minus sides.

PLUS: My family and friends love and accept me. I have a wonderful boyfriend. I am employed part-time and making some money. I have applied to graduate school creative writing programs and am trying to pursue a path that makes me happy.

MINUS: I've already been rejected from one of the four graduate school programs I applied to, and it wasn't even one of the tougher ones to get into. I can't get it together enough to write poetry lately. I'm low on time and inspiration, and I might not have anything to read for Friday's monthly poetry open mic.

I guess I should go try and write something instead of lamenting about it on my blog, huh?


the walking man said...

You do realize that MFA's are a dime a dozen and you will have to get your PhD. to have any real credibility right?

In the mind of the desert places when the words are all dust and dry, there is deep within
an often found oasis.
Once we stop looking for it.
If you're trying to hard
you know as well as I,
the searching for it,
you just have to quit.

Chris said...

yeah i realize, but i guess i might not even get to the PHD part if i dont get to the mfa part haha