27 August 2009

Exercise and Imagery

Today I watched the sunrise, golden and orange, surging up from one end of the sky. I, blinded slightly by window curtains and the trees outside, glanced up every now and then, to see more and more of the darkness overtaken by reds and pinks and yellows, and the light blue hues of the impending day. As the light crept into the porous holes of the sky, I rose, and dressed silently (or possibly not as silently as I thought), and put a band-aid on my blister. Purple is a healing color. And I donned black running shoes and little white ear-plugs and listened to a band called "City and Colour" (music recommendation of the week, take note, recommended to me by my Canadian hippie friend), and then listened to something faster, and sped down gravel like a cat on the prowl. This must be just like living in paradise. An hour later I arrived back home, and I deep-breathed, and touched my fingers to my feet, and knew I was alive.

1 comment:

the walking man said...

I had a cigarette fr you while you were out running for us. I love this exercise by proxy thing.