20 August 2009

Give Me Those Thrills & Chills, Baby

Six Flags has evolved into the World Disney World for adults. Not only are there badass super hero characters to recall from chidhood, there are also plenty of action-packed thrill rides, although some parks do have more new and impressive rollercoasters than others. So when we went to Six Flags New England in Springfield, I went in grumbling. I was under the impression that Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey couldn't be beat.
And it can't. Nothing tops the thrill of sitting in the front row and shooting up and down the nearly vertical, 45-storey slopes of Kingda Ka at 128 mph, which makes it the tallest and fastest coaster int the country. Or the commanding prescence of El Torro, which was rated #2 wooden rollercoaster in the U.S., according to the Six Flags website.
But it does beat the New Jersey lines. At Great Adventure, we waited nearly three hours to ride Kingda Ka, a ride which lasts only 59 seconds, but doesn't feel nearly that long. At Six Flags New England, we waited an hour for Bizarro (the best coaster there, which I really enjoyed), which lasted a crazy 3 and a half minutes.
All in all, I guess it doesn't really matter which park you go to, because you're probably going to have a great time either way. I know I did, especially riding sickening coasters and then immediately wolfing down some fried dough and lemonade with John. And it was great to spend time there with family.
(L to R: Marvin the Martian, Dad, Me & the penguin John won for me, my brother Frankie, John standing beside me, Yosemite Sam, Mom, and Frankie's girlfriend Megan)

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