07 August 2009

Rockin' Robin, Tweet Tweet....

For the longest time, I've held out on my opinion that Twitter is the most useless thing ever. Who cares what you (or anyone else) does during their day? Shouldn't some privacy remain sacred? But during the summer, my best friend Jo has been using Twitter for other reasons - mostly to look up information about different Broadway plays and to see if there are any good events going on around town that people she "follows" (or is there no "w"?) have tweeted (is that proper verb conjugation) about. So, today I caved and signed up for Twitter. If you've already signed up for a world where life becomes nothing more than a short, badly written blurb, find me as "hungupon". We might as well all go down together. (Disclaimer: I might not last on Twitter, but at least I'm giving new things a go!)


Monkey Man said...

Sorry, Chris, just can't bring myself to Tweet. Good luck with it. I'll stick to reading blogs of interest. Thanks for taking a cruise through mine.

Mary said...

I'm following you on Twitter now. I rarely ever tweet, but like you, I'm signed up and allowing the possibility.

Chris said...

Monkey Man,
Thanks for following the blog, anyway.

Cool, we'll try it together (even though I'm already failing because I'm away and don't have regular Internet access lol)