03 August 2009

No More Complaining

If you know me, you know that I hate when my hair starts getting longer (and I complain about it... a lot)! Then I end up getting it cut short, but I always complain about it too. Well, this time, I picked a slightly different style (short in the back, longer in the front on the left side in a sort of side bang) and made an executive decision - I would not complain. And since I've decided that, I feel way better about my haircut than I have in years. So now, my new goal is to reduce complaint and expectation, and just be satisfied with what I've got. (Pictures of the haircut will be on my facebook, and for info on it, I got it done at Astor Hair on Astor Place and Broadway, by an older woman named Martha. Usually I get it cut by Fran, who knows how to chop it up for me just right, but she's away on pregnancy leave right now). If you need a haircut, check it out.

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