14 July 2010

'The Guild' Is My New Guilty Pleasure

I'm a sucker for anything sci-fi fantasy, and I'm also quite the nerd. Although I'm not a serious gamer myself (I don't have the patience to sit there making a little person run around fighting things to level up), I do enjoy some video games and I enjoy the gamer culture. 
That's why my newest favorite show is "The Guild," a three-season (so far) series of mini webisodes about the members of a World of Warcraft guild called "The Knights of Good." But when the members decide to meet in person, things start going downhill and the guild is faced with possible disbandment. It's quirky, silly, and engaging, especially if you get the gamer jokes and nerd references (I do; my brother's a gamer). 
So, check it out. You can find the past three seasons here and you can find the first bit of season four (so good!) on Bing or MSN.


Monkey Man said...

May have to check this out. Got hooked on Firefly long after it was gone from actual tv. Not only am I a geek, but I am a geek that is slow on the uptake. Oh well.

Monkey Man said...

Linked episode is hysterical. Thanks.

Chris said...

no problem; glad to share! if you browse that website i think you can get to the earlier seasons too if you want to watch it chronologically haha i can't wait for more of episode four!

the walking man said...

I'd rather spend my time trying to think up new fart jokes and sophomoric humor then get into anything to do with that crazed world of obsession.