21 July 2010

Trip Journal: DAY EIGHT --- 31 May 2010

2:08 p.m.

            Yesterday we went to András’ grandma’s for lunch and had delicious goulash soup with nokedli – I ate two plates! I can’t believe week one is nearly over already. Tomorrow we go to Budapest already. My Hungarian speaking skills are improving and I’m trying to speak more. After lunch we came back here and played some indoor hackeysack and watched HAIR (in English with Hungarian subtitles) and then went over to visit Attila again. We hung upstairs for a bit and Melivn taught me some guitar. It was actually a lot of fun and I want to buy a blue guitar now. Maybe I’ll get one once I have some money, so probably not for a while haha.
            Then we went outside and played hackeysack for a while, but when it started getting dark we just sat at the pinic table and talked. Attila got Melvin pretty drunk and me and András just watched them talking to each other. Melvin talks a lot when he’s drunk, and me and András laughed because we’d heard the same stories like three times now, every time he drank a fair amount. It wasn’t bad, though, we didn’t mind, and I think it was helping András’ English anyway. At one point Melvin and Attila went behind the shed to talk and András and I were just like ’Um... ok...’
            Oh, and funny stuff, the other night András asked Melvin if he’d ever see the Golden Gate, and Melvin thought he meant the bridge (I did, too, hearing the conversation from the bathroom where I was drying off after a shower), but it turns out he meant a Hungarian porn site!

11:55 p.m.

            Today we went to the city center and Melvin bought an acoustic/electric guitar and we met András’ friend. Then we came here and cooked spaghetti, but it was more like lasagna. I’ll put the recipe here in case anyone wants to make it. Then we went bowling and András won, twice. That’s about it. Tomorrow – Budapest.


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Monkey Man said...

Golden Gate....funny.