12 July 2010

The Start of My Second Poetry Collection

when the line blurs between reality and writing

it takes me three hours to drink a Venti
shaken black tea lemonade
two pumps sweetened and
when i'm done i've lived three lives
and knew how to drive
spoke in tongues and 
saw you, found love
that shifted the energy of the cosmos
from spirals to star-shapes
i lost a little menace
gained a little mirth --
          Look, the novel's finished but
          i've still got this picture of you
          so it doesn't matter if the cup 
          is half empty or half full or
          never really existed at all


ancient love potion

i swear that i will make you mine:
           blow on every dandelion i can find
         call you to me under a harvest moon
         wrap feathers in your hair and shove
         semi-precious stones into your stomach

... if all that fails, i might actually have to talk to you
          but i'm hoping that isn't the case.


i need you but you're stuck on a horizontal staircase

you can only stumble sideways into empty space
where you see the nothing, you don't pretend there's something
in the shadows, your face glows like the moon, and i'm learning
some ancient magic that will turn me into a fruit bat and then i'll
spread my wings and bear my tiny teeth and hear you from so very
far away.


the walking man said...

"... if all that fails, i might actually have to talk to you
but i'm hoping that isn't the case."

Loved this endline. Easily willing to give up everything except the only thing that works or has worth in love.

Monkey Man said...

I'm with Walking Man - that last line in poem 2 is perfect. It is sooo hard to make first contact. You should check out One Stop Poetry. It is a blog started only a couple of weeks ago where you can share your poetic posts with others. I have a link to it from my post of 7/13.