20 July 2010

A Separate Peace

I first read John Knowles' A Separate Peace in high school, and the book immediately drew me in with it's stark, yet still poetic, descriptions and colorful characters, with the tension between Gene and Finny, the way kept questioning what happened up in that tree. 

After more than four years, I've decided to re-read it, more deeply and thoroughly than before, with the eyes of a writer, as Tim O'Brien once advised during an interview I conducted with him for amNewYork. I need to do all I can to advance myself as a reader and as a writer, as a writer who reads, as a reader who lives to write. 

And I've been thinking that the tension between Gene and the  tree, the way it makes him uneasy, is the same as what I feel towards (don't laugh) Twitter. Whenever I hear about Twitter, I get this very bad feeling that technology is spiraling in a very useless, mindless direction, where everything we need is at our fingertips, but we've forgotten that the important part is the journey. 

That said, I am trying to make peace with my tension, and give Twitter another go, as my friend Paul F (also on Twitter)advised me to do, even though the first time failed miserably. One Tweet was all I managed. But Paul is one of the people I listen to when he gives advice, so here goes.

So, follow me on Twitter here or just search hungupon! Start a feed, and I'll gladly follow you, too!


Monkey Man said...

I'm still a hold out on this whole tweet biz. Just too much noise out there to add yet another vehicle to bring more.

Chris said...

I hear you; i still don't know if i see the merits of the thing, but i told my friend I'd at least give it a fair chance before knocking it. It still makes me feel twitchy, though