11 October 2008

Flower Power

Last night was the Barnes and Noble monthly poetry reading. Unsurprisingly, some amazing people recited their stuff. While listening, my thoughts vibrated around common themes and, as yet, unfulfilled dreams. I love to stand there, about to spew a barrage of words into the open space before me (between us), and just feel the energy and the vibes of the room. To try and connect with individual people without speaking directly to them, but just with a look or a pulse or a feeling. The connection vibes to the friends with me radiated strongly yesterday. I remember thinking to myself: This is a set of really good guys, really good people. And I would stand by that, or them, no matter what. No matter what, I would fight for each one of them, for every aspect of each of them, if I ever had to. Sometimes you can feel us all snapping into place. Yesterday I imagined myself as the stem, and they grew into the petals, soft and tender and each one a bright, different color. And together we have the ability to create a flower, a chakra lotus all our own, a sense of life. And then everything just seems to make more sense. On different levels, we watch out for each other, and I think we help one another to become better people. "Tell me what's it that moves you. Tell me what's it that moves you. An old fashioned melody... " (Hair) Oh, for anyone interested, I went into a pretty awesome store with Rob yesterday, all about healing and spiritualism and stuff (it was somewhere on Fifth Ave. between 8th and 14th). We spent some time looking at healing crystals, and then at chakra anointing oils. Just for anyone who is curious about the oils, or just for a little bit of new chakra information, check this out. I think it's pretty interesting. I think the only problem is that sometimes it's difficult to know which chakra we need to work on, and we can only figure it out by becoming increasingly closer to and more aware of our innermost selves. "Ask me the questions You never want answers to We can re-write them However we like..." (The Weakerthans)

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