12 October 2008

So You Say

(Feeling of the Day: I want to be a resident of "the United States of Love")
On a different note, today I'm going to Governor's Island, known as "Nut Island" by the Native Americans, on its final open weekend of the season. Hopefully I finally remember to bring my camera this time, although sadly Jo won't be there :( Next summer, though! Unfortunately, I realized that my plan to buy the island and build my home on the island won't work out, because there are deed restrictions on the island that prohibit permanent housing, even though people used to live there. Then again, I wonder if I can get away with temporary housing... Either way, I'll post another update later with some pictures if I take any good ones (and if I remember my camera). My current song recommendation (because it's stuck in my head) is this. But if that's not really your cup of tea, and you want something on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, check out this one.

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