16 October 2008

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It. But if it is...

The sun is rising inside a tiny point between the boughs of trees. Trees that will soon shed their leaves. The sun is nothing, nothing but a far-off pale yellow dot that no longer even burns the retina when you stare at it. The sun is nothing, nothing but a burning star that, one day, is just going to burn out. The sun is broken. The world is broken. The connections between people are broken. People themselves are breaking, skin and muscles stretching out until cells explode into invisible particles and drift away. Bones snapping, the jagged ends tearing into the bare earth like flags of conquest, flags of imperial excuses. The claims are nothing; nothing but scared people trying to make up for the self confidence that they don't have. Scared people, waiting for the sun to burn out. Waiting for the world to collapse in upon itself and break down. Waiting, perhaps, to disintegrate in space before they admit the world is broken. The system is broken. Before they admit they should have reached out sooner and helped the earth, helped other people. But by then, it'll be too late. By then, there will be no hope of rising again. But as I write this, the sun climbs higher in the sky. It starts to peep through my window blinds. And I refuse to go down without a fight. And so I'll keep promoting hope, and action, and peace, and love. Oops. Sorry, got a little bit distracted there. This post was supposed to be about the debate. Let me start another.

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