24 October 2008


This is the interesting/amusing news of the day: Sarah Palin's insane clothes spending. Seriously, look at those heels she wore at the debate (one of the articles has a slideshow). Those are some nice shoes!! Check out this and this. In other news, I happened to come across this tragedy, which I don't think is anything new, but left me with a really sad feeling. Today I get to trek to my City Hall area "beat" (anyone want to come?) and try to find local issues that probably don't exist. Sounds like fun, right?! Also, how do you decide whether or not to let a person back into your life? What's the criteria for that? Lastly, peace.


Melvino!! said...

"Lie down, lick the sorrow from your skin, scratch the terror and begin, to believe your strong"
(I'v leaned how important it is in life, not necissaraly to BE strong, but to FEEL it)
#1. Has said person done somthing "unforgivable" (at the time) and can you honestly forgive them now
#2. How do you feel about said person
#3. Are you willing to go through the same scenario/hurt if things don't turn out, or if things turn out the same as befor
#4. Do you think, whatever it was that drove you get exclude them from your life, has changed? or do you think you can tolerate whatever it was

food for thought hmm...gtg to work! talk later ^_^

Chris said...


Let's see.

#1: Yes, I can forgive the person. But I think that's just because I really believe in forgiveness.

#2: I don't know. "I let my hatred and affection march in the same line"

#3: I've went through it a million times, but probably. Or, the hope, is that either a) we wouldn't go through it, or b) if we did, I could get out of it before it got to the level it has in the past.

#4: I don't know. I think it was a combination of factors.

Lol, I'll keep thinking about it. Those aren't bad criteria though. I have to figure out how to get alerts when someone leaves me a comment. Do you know how to do that??