01 October 2008

Coming Full Circle

Test Post Number Zero Zero Zero One. Goal: To see what we can learn. The lesson in journalism class today: go full circle. End up where you began. Spin the wheel around a couple of times so that you gain some frequent flyer miles. Watch those cumulous clouds. Admire the evergreens. Tramp through the Alaskan snow (if you look hard enough, maybe you'll see Russia!). Just make sure your wheel - that bright and brimming energy center - remains the same. Energy wheels, or chakras, rotate around at seven different spots inside our bodies, too. And each contains a different type of energy/emotion. The point is to balance out each of these circling energies and weed out the negative emotions and replace them with positive ones. Obviously, I still have a lot of work to do, in light of the rant I just wrote in a flurry of furious passion: I can't stand close-minded people. The ones who expect you to listen to them babble about their beliefs, their politics, their religion... and then they don't take the time to hear out the things that you feel strongly about. They preach and they prattle and then they shut the tiny door to their tiny brains, swallow the key, and probably don't even realize they've trapped themselves in the dark. You know what's worse: the ones who talk and talk about their philosophies - and I actually sit there listening because I actually am interested in hearing their point of view - and then they act like they're going to listen to you, but you can tell they regard everything you're saying as the funniest new joke. I can't stand it. Another thing I can't seem to stand is still, lately. I feel a sort of wanderlust building up. I guess it's just a result of spending all of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday inside my house. I want to scope out every inch of every Manhattan street and take pictures of this land we call home. I want to walk down to Florida, fly over to Hungary, and teleport back in time so I can help levitate the Pentagon. Because who says journeys have to be one dimensional? It'll be like falling into a rabbit hole, and making that dizzying descent into a creepy, crazy, colorful new world. And amidst all of that crazy cartwheeling, I'll make sure to balance my energy centers and chant out any harmful karma rays. Amidst all of that creepy, crazy, colorful self-discovery, I'll always make sure to come back full circle and retain the innermost core of self. And that was my rant/rave combo for the day. Test Post Number Zero Zero Zero One = complete. Mission = success?!

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Pethog, PHD said...

SUCCESS! I de-virginized your blog!!!