14 October 2008


The weather is getting colder. I had to close my window this morning so that I wouldn't freeze when I got out of the shower at 6:30. Depressing news, but at least it gives me a good reason to stay inside and do all of my homework. I only have two other quick note-worthy items this morning: This is my song recommendation of the day. Check out his Myspace, too. (Thanks to Melvin for recommending it to me. I still have to listen to those other bands, which I plan on doing today!) And check this out, because it may be both the funniest and yet most accurate commentary of the presidential debates. Vote for Batman-- I mean, Barack!!! "Yes, a penguin taught me French back in Antarctica Oh, I could show you the way shadows colonize snow Ice breaking up on the bay off the Lassiter coast Light failing over the pole as every longitude leads up to your frost bitten feet oh, you're very sweet..."

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Melvino!! said...

*sigh* I'v noticed the weather getting colder and darker too... just this morning i woke up, looked around and everything was blanketed with a sort of blue-chilly hue, I shivered and went back to sleep for a bit haha.

One more thing, befor I go on my random-rant-like thing....I want poems here too!! ;)

And thanks for your kind words about my poem ^_^ But...uh, you don't suck at rhyming, b-sides it's not essential... I like your poetry far more than mine anyway.

And you mentioned picking the locks in there eh! Well I never really thought of that haha >.< You'd be the first person to really try... I say give it a shot! ^_~

My halloween plans involve going to my friend's party..theyr all gonna be hammered, I figure I can be like the "designated sober person" haha

Anyway, ill talk to you later...maybe i'll write another poem b-4 bed haha

peace and love dear