13 October 2008

Signs (of Life)

So this morning I saw this, which says that the New York City national debt clock ran out of space this weekend. And they're going to build a new clock, which will be able to accommodate larger numbers. I'm horrified by the way our national debt keeps going up, up, up, up, up. This is a sign of danger and something has to be done. But economics aren't really my strong point, so don't look to me for the answers. Although, if you have other questions that you want answers to, I might be able to help you. I tend to take it upon myself to help people. I tend to go after the ones to whom I can teach something. I tend to love the people who help me to learn, both about the world and especially about myself. This is what I get for being a Pisces. Don't believe in the zodiac? I've found that, in my life experience, a lot of zodiac sun sign descriptions are pretty true. (I'm not exactly as convinced about horoscopes, although they're fun to read, and I read them from numerous sources). They aren't necessarily unchangeable truths, however. I find that it is best to look at them as certain planetary influences, and these influences affect the things we do and the way we behave, but we're quite capable of ignoring these influences. And I think that's why some people don't match up with their zodiac sign at all. But then, some people do. And, for most people, I feel like it's 50/50. They do and they don't, and I guess that's why a lot of people don't really put stock in it. So, I find, you never take things at face value, but instead you add and subtract, plus and minus, and mostly, you just feel things. You feel the way people think, the way they respond, the way they act, what they're saying (and sometimes, more importantly, what they're not saying). But you don't do any of this consciously. You just feel it resonating somewhere deep inside of you. And I often wonder if this is a Pisces trait or just a higher consciousness. Or, perhaps, as Paul says, it's because my past lifeline was that of an Egyptian. But, on a less serious note, it's mostly about being yourself, and not letting sun signs or aural predictions or anything like that change or really affect who you are, unless you're maybe trying to change something that you know is bad about yourself. But just be yourself, and love who you are, and then others will love who you are, too. And then the entire world can become one giant, radiating, energy sphere of love, wrapped safely inside a violet tetrahedron, inside a violet octahedron, kept from slipping by a solid gold band. Continuing with our serious/non-serious notes, I was looking at a website for the top 50 movie posters, and I thought this poster from the Dark Knight was just completely cool: And now we part, hoping that our national debt clock will not continue to expand. Hoping that people will spread out and connect. Hoping that the world will be a web of tiny little hearts, each pumping with life. Hoping that we will all laugh about something at least once today. Hoping that we create our own signs, and our own destinies. The world is what you make of it. If you love someone, tell them right then, at that moment, before it passes you by. (I paraphrased that from My Best Friend's Wedding).

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